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The NVolo Helicom helmets for air rescue are a perfect combination of advanced technology and practicality. With Helicom headsets, you have everything you need at your fingertips. Hear clear and precise communications, monitor your environment and maintain total control in every critical situation.

Advantages of Helicom products

Extreme Safety: Protects your health thanks to a resistant shell tested for every situation. Unbeatable comfort and lightness reduce fatigue during long missions. Suitable for HEMS operations and aerial work.

Durability over time

NVolo Helicom helmets resist the most demanding conditions, thanks to the composite materials with which they are made. Built to last.

Communications security

Helicom headsets allow clear communication,without environmental disturbances from external sources, thanks also to the noise canceling microphone.

Sure to be safe

When it comes to helicopter rescue missions, you can’t afford to compromise. Invest in your safety and in your effectiveness with the helicopter rescue safety helmets of the future.

Ergonomic design

The lightness and adjustable fit guarantee maximum comfort during each operation. Shell with small dimensions, minimal weight, ideal for HEMS operations.

For long missions

We know how challenging your rescue operations are in inaccessible areas. That’s why NVolo’s Helicom helmets are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, minimizing pressure on the neck, which often causes damage over time.

Free Wear-Test

Contact us to try out all the features and comfort of Helicom helmets by Nvolo. Choose quality and innovation.

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