X-PTT is an RSM button that allows you to connect different types of professional headset. X-PTT is very versatile: in addition to a 3.5 mm jack for simple earphones, it offers the possibility of connecting a large number of headsets and communication systems via a robust 4-pole connector.
The large PTT button is highly visible and generously sized: it can be easily activated with gloves or elbows even under the suit.
The two buttons, if supported by the connected radio, allow you to adjust the volume (3 steps) and deactivate the integrated speaker. With the same methods, for digital radios, it is possible to change between TMO and DMO mode.
Furthermore, a protected button allows you to send an emergency call or, in the absence of this function on the radio, to have a second PTT button.
A two-color LED provides a clear and visible indication of each setting, coupled with a short audible confirmation (beep).

On the back of X-PTT a sturdy metal/iron clip with 360° rotation allows a solid attachment to any protective clothing or suit fireman.

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